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Vani - a talk by Darejan Kacharava

The National Roman Legionary Museum, Caerleon Thursday, 9 November 2006. 

Vani is a town with a population of less than 5,000, approximately 25 miles southwest from Kutaisi, Newport’s twin city in the Republic of Georgia.

Archaeological excavations carried out in Vani since 1947 have revealed the remains of a rich city. The name of this ancient settlement is still unknown but four distinct stages of uninterrupted occupation have been identified dating from the 8th – 1st centuries B.C. showing evidence of the city’s development from a cultic centre to a major political-administrative unit of the powerful kingdom of Colchis (the legendary destination of Jason and the Argonauts and home of Medea and the Golden Fleece). Excavations have uncovered wooden and stone structures (temples, altars, sacrificial platforms and sanctuaries) and rich burials containing astoundingly beautiful jewellery and personal artefacts. It is assumed that the city was destroyed in the mid-1st century B.C.

The illustrated talk will be given by Darejan Kacharava, Vice-Director of the Georgian Institute of Archaeology and the Director of the Vani Archaeology Expedition.

This important event was organised by the Newport-Kutaisi Association.

Left: Statue of Goddess Nike found at Vani