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A visit to the University of Wales, Newport library by the chief librarian of Akaki Tsereteli State University in Kutaisi, Giorgi Chichinadze.





Let me share with you the impressions I got of Newport. I have always admired the ancient history and traditions of Great Britain. When I was a student in the English Language Department in Kutaisi, Mrs. Inga Abramidze played a great role in making me fall in love with this dream country.

On June 14th 2011 I arrived in Newport, where I was met by Sonia Fisher, the Chair of the Newport Kutaisi Twinning Association. 

I began working at the library of the University of Wales, Newport on the Caerleon campus site from the next day.

The library staff expressed great warmth and kindness to me, especially the head of the library, Mrs. Lesley May. It was very important for me to learn the library business and innovations from a professional viewpoint.

In Newport I met many interesting people who love Georgia. I became acquainted with NKTA secretary Vera Brown and Mark Soady. He took me on an excursion to Tintern Abbey to see the old Monastery. I also met Liz Luck, who showed me the ancient Roman amphitheatre and museum of Caerleon.
Colin and Sylvia

Mason, Deb and Jack Henry and Charles and Anna Ferris who all hosted me during my visit.

On June 19th, Sonia Fisher and I were invited to the civil inauguration of the newly appointed Mayor of Newport, Cllr. Margaret Cornelious. The inauguration started in the Mayor’s office at the Civic Centre by official guests being welcomed. Then they took us to St Woolos Cathedral where the new Mayor swore an oath and the inauguration ceremony took place. Cllr. Cornelious invited us to dine in the Great Hall of Tredegar House, together with the Mayor of Heidenheim, a city in Germany that is also twinned with Newport.

On June 21st, Derek Butler, whom I had met in Kutaisi, showed us the Welsh Assembly buildings in Cardiff and Cardiff’s central library. In parliament we met Assembly Member Rosemary Butler, now the presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly, who invited us to lunch.

A farewell party was organised by Sonia Fisher at her house.   She invited all the people who enthusiastically work for the Newport Kutaisi Twinning Association. I should mention that they even baked a very tasty Khachapuri for me!

It is impossible to remember all the impressions but I fully felt this great love of this long-standing relationship that is called the Newport Kutaisi Twinning.

I’d like to thank you Professor Madonna Megrelishvili, the Chair of the Kutaisi Newport International Association who planned and organised my visit, Professor Giga Gavtadze, the Rector of Akaki Tsereteli State University and the Chair of Newport Kutaisi Twinning Association, Sonia Fisher. 

A return visit to Kutaisi by a University of Wales, Newport library staff member will be made soon when experience and knowledge will be shared with further Akaki Tsereteli State University staff members.

September 2011 Giorgi Chichinadze

Home >> The Beginning >> Diary of Events Archive 1989-2013