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Here are a few of the typical traditional dishes.

Khachapuri - cheese baked in pastry. Depending on the cheese and the region, there are three different types of Khachapuri - Imeruli, Acharuli and Achma
(two popular types of Khachapuri)

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Pkhali is a spinach or beetroot paste with garlic and walnuts.

Lobio is green or red beans with herbs and spices and sometimes with walnuts.

Khinkali is dumplings with minced beef or pork.

Satsivi is turkey or chicken served in a walnut and garlic sauce.

Mtsvadi is a kebab of lamb, beef, beef, pork or goat Mtsvadi is a great Georgian delicacy. The meat is barbequed on fire of vine branches, served with red and white wines and “Chacha” the Goergian vodka

Churchkhela is a Georgian sweet made of nuts threaded together and coated in grape juice and flour.

Tkemali is a wild plum sauce and old fashioned Plum labels

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Georgian Cuisine

Georgian cuisine is a delicious mix of fresh ingredients, elaborate recipes, a great variety of fruit and vegetables and, of course, great cooks! Each part of Georgia has its specialities, but certain traditional dishes are prepared all over the country. Georgians like their meals hot and spicy. Most dishes are cooked with walnut, garlic and lots of herbs. Jams and sauces are made from almost every fruit. Some illustrated guides are shown below.