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Kutaisi Doctors visit Newport

April and May 2009

Following a visit to Kutaisi by three Newport consultant doctors in 2008, Dr Nana Dzidziguri arrived with interpreter Ekaterina Archvadze, for a short visit in April to attend a medical conference at Exeter College, Oxford organised by Dr Davies.

She was followed in May by another five doctors from Kutaisi who were invited to attend a medical symposium at the Post Graduate Medical Centre in Newport as guests of Dr. John Davies of the Gwent Health Trust. These were Surgeon,Dr. Mirian Cheishvili, Cardiologist, Dr. Zaza Lominadze, Oculist, Dr. Shalva Jikia, Gynecologist, Dr. Mamuka Mikadzea and Surgeon, Dr. Zurab Abuladze,

They attended post-graduate activities and contributed to continuing education projects at the Royal Gwent Hospital Newport.

A post-graduate conference was organised to highlight particular interesting aspects of each individual specialty and to share of activities between post-graduate medicine in Georgia and Wales.

The second party were met at Heathrow by NKTA members, Cllr. Charles Ferris and Derek Butler and brought to Newport where Dr John Davies, Consultant Cardiologist took them to his house in Usk for dinner.

On their first day the doctors were taken on a study tour of the Royal Gwent Hospital, including observation of surgical procedures in theatre. A buffet lunch, attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Newport, members of the NKTA, doctors and other staff from the Royal Gwent Hospital preceded a Symposium.

The Mayor of Newport, Cllr Glyn Jarvis, and Joint President of Newport Kutaisi Association opened the Symposium by welcoming the guests from Kutaisi.

During the Symposium Dr John Davies, Dr Stephen Hunter and Dr Brian Stephenson announced the formation of the Newport Kutaisi Medical Association. It is hoped to develop a cross-specialty register of clinicians willing to share electronic dialogue with Kutaisi clinicians. It is also hoped to establish regularised clinical attachments and a discussion took place with Dr Mamuka Mikadze about the practicalities of setting this in place.

On Friday evening the doctors were taken to dinner with the families of Drs. Davies, Hunter and Stephenson.

On Saturday Catherine Philpott, Sonia Fisher and Cllr. David Mayer took the visitors on a tour of Newport. Famous landmarks such as the Transporter Bridge and Tredegar House were visited. However, the highlight of the day was a visit to Kutaisi Walk. This is the river path that runs between Newport’s old town bridge and the new pedestrian bridge, a most prestigious site, an important city feature. Our visitors were the first visiting Georgians to walk along this route.

The exchange of visits resulted from a successful request made to Dr Hunter, at the time Director of the Gwent Health Trust, in 2008 by the Newport Kutaisi Twinning Association asking if previous links between medical experts in the two cities which were formed under the auspices of the NKTA in the early 1990s and continued for over ten years, could be renewed.

As with the visit to Kutaisi in 2008, both of this year’s visits to Newport included study tours of Newport hospitals, together with an opportunity to meet and hold discussions of mutual interest and concern with doctors with similar areas of medical expertise.

Discussions on a programme for future co-operation and exchanges were initiated and are continuing. For instance, during their stay the Georgian visitors proposed further visits to study management procedures in Wales in detail. Dr Melkadze stayed in Newport several times during the 1990’s medical link-up and he was pleased to inform his hosts that his successful clinic in Kutaisi is in many ways organised along the management structures in place in Newport at the time.

Lunch at The Ffrrwm Caerleon

Near Kutaisi Walk

Home >> The Beginning >> Diary of Events Archive 1989-2013