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November 2008 Rosemary Butler AM visits Kutaisi





Rosemary Butler AM received an invitation by the British Council to speak to a conference in Tbilisi of women from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia where she presented two papers. The first on the Welsh experience of increasing female participation in politics and the second on the importance and influence of government policy on women’s groups.

Following this she was able to make a short two-day visit to Kutaisi.

She was able to meet with the Mayor of Kutaisi, who was very pleased with NKA initiatives such as the medical, education, fire service and the church exchanges and was most enthusiastic to hear of future planned initiatives.

She met the University Rector, members of the Kutaisi YMCA, the Local Democracy Agency office with delegate, Ioseb Khakhaleishvili (Soso), two trustees and the new Youth Infopoint Coordinator MakaTsertsvadze.

Rosemary also visited the newly renovated fire station, the Kutaisi Newport International Association office and the English Language School with KNIA’s Chair, Professor Madonna Megrelishvili.

There is a new shopping mall in Kutaisi and much restoration work being undertaken. The Mayor told Rosemary that it is his intention to make old Kutaisi the tourist hub of Western Georgia.

Before leaving, she had dinner at a new restaurant, Mukhnari with many old friends.She felt that her visit reaffirmed the value of the twinning and links made over the years.





Rosemary with the fire fighters