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Onnik Krikorian

Pictures taken in Kutaisi and Tbilisi






At the end of December 2006, we were introduced to the Armenian based photographer and journalist Onnik Krikorian.

He came to us via EveryChild with the highest credentials. But it only took one viewing of his website to convince us that here was a highly gifted photographer.

Once he was contacted we found he was not only talented but incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and sympathetic to what we were hoping to achieve.

There followed, in what proved to be shortest possible time, a plan to travel to Kutaisi overland from Yerevan to cover photographically the life & conditions of the Kutaisi social work team

This is a taster of some of the 900 B&W pictures that have been taken for us during the week of his stay. They depict the conditions that the Kutaisi social workers face daily and the children who we hope will benefit from the new Georgian reforms being put in place.

We are indebted to EveryChild, especially their country director, Andro Dadiani for all his help.

To those in Kutaisi too who helped to make this happen, especially Anna & Khatuna and of course Onnik for working in poor lighting conditions and at great speed to produce a wonderfu; selection of photographs- many thanks.

Catherine Philpott March 07

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