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Soso visits Newport
Georgia LDA team meet in Newport






An exciting meeting was held in the Newport Civic Centre on Friday 6th October 2006 when the newly appointed delegate of Kutaisi’s Local Democracy Agency office, Joseph (Soso) Khakhaleishvili visited the City.

He was accompanied by Antonella Valmorbida (Director of ALDA), Chiara Valdesolo (Monfalcone Italy) and Drago Djekovic (LGIB)

Soso was introduced to Miqdad Al-Nuaimi, Mayor of Newport, Stewart Wild Head of Planning & Economic Regeneration and Greg Ashurst Head of Law and Standards.

The event was organised by Clare Evans and members of Newport’s European Affairs department and the visitors were given an insight into the aims and objectives of the City Council. They discussed a variety of ideas and areas where Newport City Council, supported by NKA could help the City of Kutaisi. Already there is co-operation with NCC Social Services and Kutaisi (go to report).

They learnt of the EU funded regeneration schemes in Newport. After the meeting a short tour of the Hans Feibusch murals (below) they visited the famous 100 year old Transporter Bridge and had a guided tour of Newport Wastesavers, an organisation at the forefront of waste recycling and education and training in environmental issues.In the evening the party were entertained at the Ffwrwm in the historic village of Caerleon, site of a major Roman garrison. At the Ffwrwm they celebrated the annual Dylan Thomas night with songs and poetry readings and bowls of Cawl, a traditional Welsh stew.