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Vitali Dongvani Graduated 2013 from University of South Wales

At the beginning the study was hard, especially because I did it in reverse order, the second semester first and then the first one.

The course was MSc. Computing and my dissertation title was Mobile Long Range Remote Control System Using Microcontroller.

I would like to thank Caroline McLachlan for the English lessons that helped me a lot at the beginning of my study. I came across a few unfamiliar situations as a foreigner and she was always able to advise me in the best way. Also for the excursions to different places and for the time spent together with her family.

Derek Butler for the support and looking after me, asking me if I needed anything, how I was doing, did I need any help and so on.

Rosemary Butler for organising a visit to the IT department of the Welsh Assembly. It was a very useful visit.

To Bernard Tyson and his wife for the lovely Easter dinner.

Catherine Philpott for her support and keeping me up to date with the events in Newport.

And finally I would like to thank Sonia Fisher and all the members of Newport Kutaisi Association.

Vitali Dongvani