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Walking in Georgia: A Talk by Peter Nasmyth

Tuesday 5th February 2008

PETER NASMYTH – photographer, walker, Tbilisi book shop owner & author came to the University of Wales Newport to give a talk to members & friends of the Association.  He currently has an exhibition of his photographs showing in Bristol’s Grant Bradley gallery called, Different City – 20 Years of Tbilisi.

As he talked, so he demonstrated his love for Georgia, its people & landscape.  He took his audience on a journey up into the highest regions of the Caucasus – from Mt. Ushguli and down to the desert landscape that lies along the borders of Armenia.

He described the fertile plains and the barren uplands with its fast disappearing glaciers, the ancient villages and churches and all the diversity that makes up the country of Georgia.

The audience heard tales, anecdotes and vivid descriptions of conditions experienced while walking in the wild parts of the Caucasus range. He described his encounters with herdsmen and children that roam freely over the mountains.  So too the sightings he had of rare animals, birds, plant life and insects, many indigenous to Georgia.

The Association would like to thank Peter for giving them this fascinating talk.

Peter's book, Walking in Georgia can be purchased from Amazon UK 

Georgia in the Mountains of Poetry can be purchased from Amazon UK