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Welsh Wine & Spirits


The Two Cities - Newport, Welsh Culture

It was the Romans who first introduced vines and subsequently, wine to England following their invasion of the country in AD 43. There are no records to suggest that vines existed here before that time. Belief is that fragments of wine amphorae discovered from before the Roman invasion came with the Belgae who had a liking for wine. Discover more.

Beer is the national drink of Wales. There are a number of Welsh beers and more than 20 vineyards in the country. Most of the vineyards have been started since the 1970s. By contrast, S A Brain and Felinfoel breweries have existed since the late 19th century, based on breweries which were yet older. Bragawd, or Braggot, made by blending mead with ale, or brewing ale using honey is an old tradition in Wales.

Founded in 1882 and still owned by the descendants of the founders. Brains Beers are widely available throughout Wales, and increasingly throughout the rest of Britain

Tomos Watkin's Ales & Beers

The malt, hops and yeast used to brew each Tomos Watkin Beer have been specifically chosen to provide a full bodied, malty taste with a balanced hop flavour and aroma to give each beer its own distinct character.

They are brewed with the Welsh drinkers palette in mind, slightly sweet, clean finishing without going overboard on bitterness (i.e. they will not take the enamel off your teeth or strip your sensitive taste buds!) Read more

About Penderyn Whisky

Penderyn Single Malt Welsh Whisky was first launched on St David’s Day, 1st March 2004, in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, to huge critical acclaim from both acknowledged whisky experts and "ordinary" consumers. Read more

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